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Empty is....

· containing nothing; not filled or occupied:

· having no real purpose or value

· (of words or a gesture) lacking meaning or sincerity:

· hungry

· not occupied


This picture may confuse you a little but hopefully you'll understand the image in a few...

Most of us use products that are held in a container of some sort. While coming to the end of my favorite lotion, I noticed an unreachable more in the bottom of the bottle. Unsatisfied with the company deciding when its "empty", I learned to cut the container open and guess what? Yes, you're right, there is still product in the container and sometimes very significant amounts. Truthfully, this was discovered only after becoming frustrated with running out of something and not having a replacement at the time. So basically NEED, prompted me to look beyond what is usually accepted and cut ( with that big knife in the picture) open the container to find more. Up until that moment of desperation, I was quite satisfied with accepting the bottle was empty because I couldn't reach anymore. How many times have you told yourself , “I have nothing more to give”, “I’m empty”, I’m through”, “I’m done” or whatever colloquial term you use in your location of the world to describe an utter sense of emptiness. The picture shows lotion but you know I’m not talking about a personal hygiene product. I’m referring to the word empty as it relates to feeling like you don’t have anything more to give, which usually accompanies times in your life when you feel you have given everything you have…could be in a relationship, a job, a goal that you have been working on (weight loss, getting a job that pays more…whatever it is) you just feel tired and well, empty approaching the point of quitting. Or maybe you have already quit. I know how you feel, I too have felt this way and I’m telling you just like I found a way to get more out of a presumably empty lotion bottle, I have found ways to get more out of myself when I feel empty. Sometimes is takes looking beyond what is normal and finding the uncharted unexpected place of more. When you feel like you have nothing left to give…dig deeper, look harder and find the residue of strength still left inside you. Finding the strength to move beyond “feeling empty” may require a realistic look at what’s being asked of you. Separating fact from fiction and moving forward based on what has to be done or what you decide to do regardless of how you feel. My mother is currently going through chemotherapy and one afternoon after another grueling round of chemotherapy we left the hospital and she said I want you to take me to _______ a local store in Pittsburgh to shop. I looked at her shocked and said, "Don't you think we should go home so you can rest?" She looked at me equally shocked and said, "My body doesn't tell me what to do, I tell it what to do". And with that we went shopping. Sometimes you have to tell your mind, body, spirit..."Hey YOU, your'e not empty (which is code for...overwhelmed, tired, forgotten, hopeless, etc.) You are what I say you are...Full. Try the below activity to help you along the path of finding more in your strength blessed

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